Thriving vs. Surviving: Taking the Steps

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Can we time travel for a second?

Back before phones. Before television. Before anything "instant, automatic, or effortless."

Back when kids played in the streets merely exploring their neighborhood, and meal were prepared from food grown in the garden behind the house.

Back when America was healthy.

Flash forward to now.

What happened?

We became obsessed with time.

We became consumed with easy.

Now, the kids of the street-playing age are called the video gamers, binge watchers, and Instagram lovers.

Now, we go to the grocery store, skipping right over the fresh produce in pursuit of something quicker and easier to "make." Something so quick and easy that it actually brings scarce nutritional benefit to your body at all. But it tastes good. And it's easy. And we love it.

However, the day you fall in love with feeding your body the nutrition it desires - the type of food that God put on this earth and intended for us to fuel our bodies with - is the day you'll break up with your addictive, processed eating habits this world loves to promote.

Glamorizing the healthy life is the opposite of what you want to do.

Put it into perspective and realize that the healthy life is not for the rich. It's not for the people who are more "in tune" with their bodies. It's not for "that guy" in the gym who screams every time he lifts a weight.

A healthy lifestyle is for everyone who desires to cherish and take care of the body our Heavenly Father gave us.

Treat your body as a gift. The most valuable possession you own. Because it is.

There is so much we will miss out on while serving the Lord if we let our bodies fail us. Or rather - if we let ourselves fail our bodies.

Let's take those steps back in time. Which turn into steps forward. Steps towards a more sacred temple. A stronger self. A self that thrives. Let's thrive.



Morgan Gill is a Clinical Exercise Physiology major at Mississippi State University. Pursuing a future in Physical Therapy, she pushes herself to maintain a 4.0 GPA and keep fitness a priority. She mixes her exercise with weight lifting, workout classes, running, and yoga.