The Past Decade Determined Who We Are: Adolescence to Adulthood For Today's Young Adult


I was 12 years old in 2010. An incredibly important age. An age when self-identity begins to blossom uncontrollably. Those middle school years that we all want to forget but could never forget no matter how many years pass. The past decade, during the most moldable years of life for today's young adults, more than explains who we are & why we became these people. Let me explain.

We all know the stereotypes around today's young adults. You are probably thinking of a few right now without any nudging at all, and that's ok. However, a look into 2010-2019 (the years that today's young adults transitioned from adolescence to adulthood) paints a pretty clear picture for those who can't wrap their mind around our perspectives that deem us so different than those who came before us.


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These are the moments that molded us. The massacres that moved us. The elections that educated us. The hatred that harmed us. The news that is no longer new to us. The events that are every day for us. The life that is normal for us. The reality that resonates with us.

It is surreal to look through the events of the past decade and remember 12-year-old me trying to make sense of the world around me. 22-year-old me is still trying. But we made it. From adolescence to adulthood.

Every generation has their things. Their shocks. Their journeys. Their moldable moments. These are ours.

The end of a decade. A decade that determined who we are.

Do you get us now?