The Nasty "A" Word We All Say But No One Wants To Talk About


Today is a big day in my hometown. How do I know it's a big day? Well, Facebook of course.

The posts have been filling the feed and fueling some fires as ..... *gasp*.... *whisper* alcohol...... is put in the spotlight at the polls today. DON'T SAY IT TOO LOUD. YOU WILL BE STRUCK DOWN. (NOTE: That was sarcasm.)

I'm sure you're getting the idea that this is a super touchy subject among the community. I found myself reading each post related to the subject and even reading the dozens of comments on each one because, well, they are nothing short of entertaining.

Please hear me when I say that I 100% understand personal preferences and beliefs due to a painful past experience or family history or a viral post about the dangers of blah blah blah. And trust me when I say that the past year of my life has opened up a vast array of apprehension about certain subjects or substances. I get it, I do. I believe everyone has the right to their beliefs and opinions. I also believe everyone deserves to be respected for their opinions.

PROBLEM: Almost every post I came across pertaining to today's election in my hometown appeared pre-saturated in disgust towards those on the opposing side of opinion.
BIGGER PROBLEM: This is the basis of nearly every division among us.

Our divisions almost always have deep roots in pre-saturated judgement/dislike/misbelief/evil/hate/fear/______.... you fill it in.

Often, these opinions and beliefs we have stem from so long ago that we couldn't even name the root if we had to. It isn't always our own faults. Maybe family instilled it into your heart. Maybe it was religion. Maybe it was your spouse or your boss or your school or your church.

We believe what we believe, and we stand up for it. And, hey, I think that's incredible until the division we cause is more distracting than the subject that is at hand in the first place.

Opinions and beliefs aren't bad. They make us, us.

It's when we become distracted, though, by in this case, misbelief that so and so could actually vote yes/no for this, that division destroys us from the inside out.

What I'm getting at is this:

The posts are posted. The peace has been spoken. The stances have been stated.

The time, though, is up.

Today, a decision will be made. Either a yes or a no.

My prayer is that distraction doesn't allow division to destroy a city.




My hope is that distraction doesn't divide a city, state, nation, or world from the inside out.

It's up to us.

No matter which side you find yourself on,

Destroy distraction.

Destroy division.


Madeline Burdine is a Communications major with PR concentration at Mississippi State University. As Founder & Editor of Mississippi Millennials, her passion is to push people to higher heights within themselves, thinking more and doing more. Madeline enjoys running, reading, and learning.