The Beauty of the “N” Word; Learning to Say No


I said it to my boss today. The “N” word. And it tasted so bitter as it barely found the power to be spoken between my lips.

“Do you think you could find time to come in for a couple hours this afternoon?” she asked.

My hours were over for the day. I had modified my June hours down to part-time after accepting an internship that would require my remaining hours.

“Do you think you could find time to come in for a couple hours this afternoon?” she asked.
I freeze. I have so much to get done this afternoon. Saying yes could jeopardize my project‘s progress and put my whole week in a whack.
“No ma’am,” I replied, in what felt like some weird whisper leaving my body.
Oh no. I feel my body begging to disappear as the “n” word has time to process in my boss’s brain — telling her I’m a horrible employee — lazy, selfish, and disliked in the office.

Spoiler Alert: it turned out fine.

She didn‘t fire me.

She wasn‘t even disappointed in me. Like at all.

But try telling that to your tee-tee urge when you find yourself in a situation where you know you need to use the “n” word, right? I know.


I‘ve always been a ”yes girl“, agreeing to take absolutely every opportunity under my wing and find a way to make it happen.

The issue with that:

Saying yes to every thing under the sun isn’t what breeds success. How can you be successful when your time and energy are so stretched thin that you can’t focus on the task at hand due to the daunting pressure of the other tasks waiting for your attention.

Pinpoint your passions and pick yeses that push your passions towards success.

This “n” word is beautiful when brought to life for the sake of growth and success.

Find the beauty in your “n” word, and watch the life around you grow.