MLK vs MAGA: MLK Didn't Prepare The Way For Hate To Still Stand In Our Way


In order to set-up where I'm going with this article, I want to introduce these videos right off the bat.

On the weekend prior to the holiday honoring one of the most well-respected civil rights activists in history, these videos have gone viral (and are creating quite a conversation).

I wanted to attach both of these videos to this post because this post isn't about me presenting my stance on this particular situation.

I haven't done enough research on the incident to propose any kind of stance, nor do I care to propose my opinions on MAGA or Native American chants or Catholic schools or the millions of other topics I'm neither educated nor passionate about. However, I've done enough researching to know that hate is the heat behind these videos. I have a heart for people enduring hate. For hate in any form. I hate hate. Ironic, huh? Oh well, you get how I feel about the hate.

I find the timing of this incident to be interesting as we now find ourselves with a day off work or a day without classes in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., who stood as a substantial leader in the civil rights movement that made huge leaps for my black brothers and sisters.

Truth be told, as a 21-year-old white female, it's easy for me to overlook injustices considering, statistically, injustice's mold misses me. I am aware of my privilege. Because I'm aware of it, I desire to use my privilege for promoting justice. For pushing change where change is needed. For pursuing positivity.

As a junior majoring in communication (concentration in public relations) at Mississippi State University, I was taught the statistics just last semester of the white vs any other race specialists who work in my field. Other courses I've taken also consider the complications any race other than white faces in my field of study. Basically, I'm sitting in desks that lack diversity and equal opportunity every single day.

Again, it would be easy to overlook these statistics since I'm safe from falling into them. But I don't want to overlook. I don't want to obstruct the opportunity at hand.

Thank goodness MLK prepared our way. But when I watch these videos above, it's easy to see that our society is still allowing hate to stand in our way.

It isn't always about black vs white. Sometimes it's about Catholic school children vs Native Americans. Democrats vs Republicans.

On this day that celebrates how far we've come (thank you, MLK), let's choose to continue on the way. As MLK himself would say,

"Hate doesn't drive out hate. Only love drives out hate."

Don't allow this day to be just another quote on your timeline.

Don't turn a blind eye to injustice.

Seek justice. Love mercy.

Eyes on the evils we need to defeat.

The way has been prepared.

Using our hands. Using our voices. Using our feet.


Madeline Burdine is a Communications major with PR concentration at Mississippi State University. As Editor of Mississippi Millennials, her passion is to push people to higher heights within themselves, thinking more and doing more. Pursuing a career as a writer, Madeline enjoys running, reading, and learning.