Mississippi Musician Releases "Questions" Amidst Uncertain Times


Our state and nation are in some of the most uncertain times of many of our lifetimes thus far.

Questions are flooding our minds.

Questions have become our normal.

Questions evolve into more questions.


30-year-old worship leader Reagan Daniels saw the need to give people a way to look at what's happening around us and understand that there is hope in the midst of all of this.

"Questions," released last week, was originally written about a rough personal journey of Daniels' in which he was later able to look back on and realize how good the moments of that journey were.

"I think once we step out of the fear of the moment and look at it as 'how can I use this,'" said Daniels,"a new beauty comes to it all."

During our current quarantining, Daniels took his music to social media.

Click your streaming service of choice below to hear "Questions"

"There is always an end to a difficult path," said Daniels.

May we see the beauty in our questions.

May we see the beauty in this season.

May we see the beauty in this journey.


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