Mississippi Millennials: The Moments That Led To Today


Behind the scenes of Mississippi Millennials, there's a mission that has been growing from millions of tiny moments that met all of the means that bring this thing I like to call a "beacon" for our lives.

At some point during my junior year of high school, the writing world became the world I dreamed of dancing in for the rest of my life. Typing my thoughts onto these pages for other people became my passion. It became my purpose and my pursuit as far as career.

The problem with that came when I realized I was pursuing something that isn't necessarily classified as a "career" choice.

It became clear that what I was after was ministry in the mundane moments. Making moments matter. Because our lives do matter. Our lives are what we make them. The steps we take amidst the schedules and chaos and choices. All of these moments matter. This was the mission I set out to make known. This was the mission God was calling me on.

So that became my pursuit. Pursuing this ministry. It's what I proudly spoke as my future career when asked what I'm going to college for (because that's everyone's favorite question). It's what I had to figure out how to define to people. This push in my soul to create something that ministers. Truth is, I'm still trying to figure that out. Honestly, I doubt I ever will. I hope I never do. I hope this journey of ministry never becomes an already-made thing. I pray it's always growing. Always changing according to the Spirit that speaks life into this thing. Into all things.

I didn't know what would happen when this pursuit began, yet the Spirit led.

Moment by moment, the Spirit was molding this very moment into making.

This is Mississippi Millennials. A beacon for all things - both broken and beautiful - about us. About these lives that are made by each and every moment. These moments that make us, us.

Mississippi Millennials has been in the making for a long time.

For a lifetime and beyond, actually.

This lifetime is ours.

This life is ours.

MM - ours.