Integrating International Day of Happiness Into Your Every Day


We spend our days trying to get there. Trying to feel it. Testing all the tricks. Buying all the trends. Trading all the old for new.

We work. We push. We buy. We lie. We steal, even. Just trying to make it. Just trying to make ourselves feel it. Happiness.

International Day of Happiness. Now that's a day we can all look forward to, isn't it?

And it seems as if we do. An international holiday to bring awareness to and celebrate happiness.

International. Maybe we are more alike than we like to admit.

Maybe happiness is more about celebrating our likenesses than belittling our differences.

What could our world look like if we celebrated happiness every day?

How beautiful of a society could we summon just by celebrating one another?

International Day of Happiness.

Every day.


Madeline Burdine is a Communications major with PR concentration at Mississippi State University. As Editor of Mississippi Millennials, her passion is to push people to higher heights within themselves, thinking more and doing more. Pursuing a career as a writer, Madeline enjoys running, reading, and learning.