How Walt Went To Walt Disney World For $300

It's the happiest place on Earth. It's a dream vacation. However, Walt Disney World isn't a cheap destination. Or is it?

For the millennial experiencing chronic money crisis, Walt Disney World is expected to exceed what we're capable of cashing out. But when my friend Walt told me he and his buddies bargained the trip for only $300, I had to know how. Turns out, it's easier than easy. So, here's how.

Always up for an adventure, a road trip with friends is always the answer. Roadtrip it - the car is where the best memories are made anyways, right?
Crowded hotel rooms with all of your friends are the most fun nights. Book the cheap hotel, already. You'll be glad you did.
Snacks. Bring snacks.
2 Day Pass Deal. Drop the $100.
FastPass+. It's free, y'all.
Mapping out the day will make more time for activities. Don't plan, but plan.
Expensive meals will eat up more of your time anyways. Eat cheap. Eat fast. You'll end up with more money and more time. Yes, please.

Yes, please, to Walt Disney World. I'm already planning. Thanks, Walt.