Updated: Aug 10, 2018


Have you ever looked in your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear? I know I have. It was like I kept buying clothes but it felt like I didn’t ever have what I needed.

It’s easy to get influenced by social media on what we think we need in our closets. Then we race to the nearest store to buy what we saw someone else wearing. But maybe this isn’t the right approach to being fashionable.

I have spent the past summer interning in New York City. So basically that meant cramming eight week’s worth of clothes into two suitcases. Crazy, right? I really didn’t know how I was going to doit. However, it ended up being a fun challenge. How can I create forty different outfits out of the select clothes I am bringing?

That’s where the title, Back to Basics comes into play. I used to think my closet had to consist of a lot of staple pieces. But in the end, I would just feel like after I wore that particular item once, I couldn’t wear it again (or at least couldn’t post a picture in it again haha).

Here is the solution to this problem: BASICS!

Instead of buying flashy, colorful, intricate items, stick to what you need and then you can style it together in different ways. Think of what you don’t have right now.

Is it a plain black cami, a black leather jacket, or even just some good, comfortable jeans?

Make a list of what you wish you had in your wardrobe and then get searching!

You don’t have to break the bank either. A lot of basics can be found anywhere, even a thrift store!

Once you have your list together, this makes shopping easy. Don’t get sidetracked by the flashy items on display when you walk in the store, head towards what you know will be worn more than just once. Something that can be styled with more than just one outfit. Look for neutral colored pieces and try to imagine different ways to either dress it up or make it casual.

In the end, don’t be afraid to be creative and piece things together. Get some inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest. You’ll soon realize that being stylish doesn’t have to be hard!

Some suggested basics:

 Black ankle boots

 Denim jacket

 Comfy, non-ripped blue jeans

 Black leggings

 Black leather jacket

 Black or navy blue blazer

 White t shirt

 Black tank top

 White button-down



My name is Brennan Byrne, and I am a fashion design major at Mississippi State University. I'm currently on MSU Fashion Board and National Retail Federation Student Association. When I am not capturing videos for my business, Byrne Videography, I love traveling, food, art, and all things fashion!